Coffee has just got even better at Insomnia Sligo

Even better coffee at Insomnia Sligo

Introducing Insomnia’s New Colombian Single Origin Medium Roast Coffee

We are delighted to introduce Insomnia Voyager, it’s the first new coffee in their 21-year history!

Insomnia Voyager brings you on a journey in every cup, every year Insomnia pack up, go out and find you a new single origin coffee, roast it medium and with heaps of respect.

This year they went to Cooperativa de Caficultore de Manizales, a cooperative of 4054 coffee farmers in Colombia’s Green Mountains. Just one sip and you will be transported there too!


Tasting Notes
It has notes of dark chocolate, malt, red fruit and a little squeeze of grapefruit. It’s is recommended that it is served as an 8oz or 12oz cup.

Medium Roast
It’s both balanced with acidity and sugar. Sugar is more pronounced.

Single Origin
Made up of coffee from one origin, offers only the flavour of that particular coffee, is less complex in flavour than Insomnia’s blend. It has a well-rounded and balanced experience in aroma and mouthfeel.

Insomnia Blend vs. Insomnia Voyager

    • Insomnia blend is dark roasted, Voyager is a Medium roast.
    • Voyager coffee beans have been cooked for less time, this means less caramelisation of sugars, increased sweetness, less dissipation of acidity, more cherry qualities, softer.
  • A completely distinct experience to Insomnia blend.