Herbs & Acupuncture Now Open

🌿 Herbs & Acupuncture have just reopened their store on the Quay Street Mall in Quayside Shopping Centre.

✅ Specialists in Acupuncture, Acupressure, Cupping, Moxibustion, Ear Candle, Reflexology, Massage, Hair Treatment, Herbal Medicine, Allergy Testing and much more!

📞 Call Dr Lily Today on 086 243 8778 for your FREE consultation!

🌿 Chinese medicine is useful in the treatment of Chronic and Acute Pain, Injuries, Headaches, Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain, Sciatica, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia

.🌿 Dr Lily is an expert in Chinese medicine with over 40 years experience. She has over 5000 registered patients who have expressed satisfaction with her skills in natural treatments!